Sunday, February 24, 2013

365 Films: 24/365 “Beasts of The Southern Wild”

Overall: 9/10


Beautiful. Beautiful. Beautiful. Definitely in my top three favorites of the nominated films this year. 

Wonderful performances all around. Outstanding directing. Beautiful and skillfully used score. Great cinematography. Beautiful, multi-faceted script, and one of the best uses of mystical realism that I have seen in awhile. 

What I love about this move is that, with little really being explained to us, I understand Hushpuppy better than probably any other character of a movie I have seen in the last year. This is due to the directing, script, and the wonderful actress who portrays her. 

I feel this character and her world. There is no shortage of devastating or sad events in this film, yet the most heartbreaking moment is to see hushpuppy in a cold, well-lit room with her hair done and wearing a beautiful pale blue dress. It looks like everything that IS hushpuppy has been stifled. Hushpuppy is one of the beasts of the southern wild. She belongs in the bayou, running around with a shock of unkept hair, galoshes and maybe some pants. THAT is hushpuppy, she is not meant to be in captivity, it is not a world she understands or can operate within. 

The highest achievement of this film (and there are MANY) is that it never pities or belittles it’s characters. One of the oldest tropes in film is the simpleton bayou people who don’t know anything and we pity them, even harbor disgust for their lifestyle and extreme poverty. This film inherently sympathizes with it’s characters. There is no condescension, derision, or judgement. While this may not be the life that most people lead, this is the life of the people of bathtub, and who are we to judge? The relationships, lifestyles, and customs are vastly different from the societal standard of today…but does that make them wrong? While I wouldn’t say the film provides a definite answer (the piece being more of a window pane into the world) I think it most definitely doesn’t think badly upon it’s characters. 

Overall: A wonderful piece of storytelling and filmmaking. A true standout from what the rest of the year had to offer. Definitely a film I will be revisiting in the future and I will happily go see whatever Benh Zeitlin, or Quevenzhane Wallis offers us next. 

I’ve done it…

This year, I finally watched all the Best Picture Oscar Noms.

Before college it wasn’t practical because my parents are super judge mental of film and don’t really understand it as an art form and would not let me watch a lot AND the nearest movie theater was 30 minutes away AND the rental place we had was sparse at best…so…yeah…no.

Freshman year (2011 Oscars) I saw everything but The Fighter, because I didn’t care about it. I watched it a few weeks after the ceremony…still didn’t care, formulaic Oscar-bait boxer film *mic drop*.

Last year, I happened to have seen about 5 but I was so pissed about Drive’s myriad snubs that I more or less boycotted the ceremony.

This year, I’ve seen all of the best picture Noms…plus a couple of the other variously nominated films.

Awww yeah!


It’s wayyyy better and more present than both Argo and Lincoln. I’m almost as angry as Drive’s snub…STILL pissed about that shutout.

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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

I’ve said it before but, I’m pretty sure this may be the best thing I have ever seen.

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this is literally the most amazing thing i have ever seen 

I WISH I had been playing this game.

Monday, February 27, 2012
On the red carpet nearby, the E! blogger Marc Malkin was talking to Kristen Wiig. “Did you ever think you would be nominated for an Oscar,” he began. “Hell no,” Ms. Wiig said. But Malkin wasn’t finished: “— for a movie in which someone poops in sink.” Ms. Wiig: “Well that, yes. via the NYT red carpet live blog (spellings corrected)

Perfect woman.

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You gave this man an Oscar

Frankly my dear, I don’t give a dean.

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Welll, Meryl Streep just made my weekend.

All I’ve done all night is reminisce about how fucking fantastic cinema was in 2010 and how spot on the noms were.


Shut up Oprah,

You know what a ridiculous humanitarian you are…stop it. False modesty ISN’T flattering on Taylor Swift and it SURE isn’t on you either.

Has anyone genuinely laughed because of Billy Crystal tonight?